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sls - polyamide fr2241

Polyamid FR 2241 Polyamide FR 2241 -
our flame-retarding material for laser sintering

containes halogeneous substances for outstanding challenges


This white polyamide 12-powder is classified as flame-retardant.



  • flame-protected
  • high thermal stability
  • high chemical stability
  • deflection temperature
    1.80 MPa, x-dimension       84°C
    0.45 MPa, x-dimension     154°C
  • melting point
    (20°C/min)                    185°C
  • flammability
    test passed, 12s / 60s ignition time
  • property profile otherwise like polyamide PA 2200
  • post-processing possible such as polyamide PA 2200 


Various application fields

  • fire protection field
  • construction industry
  • automotive engineering
  • electrical industry


The complete data sheet can be found here.

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