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sls - polyamide 12al

aluminiumgefülltes Nylon 12 Aluminium-filled nylon 12

high stiffness in all three dimensions,
very good sandability



PA 12AL is a metallic grey, aluminium-filled polyamide 12-powder, with cut breaking effect of the aluminium filling for the simplified machining of PA 12AL-laser sinter parts.



  • good post-processing possibilities (e.g. polishing, grinding, coating)
  • good temperature-stability
  • increased thermal conductivity
  • high stiffness
  • excellent dimension accuracy
  • good machinability
  • low-warpage


Various application fields

  • parts with metallic appearance
  • parts for machine processing
  • parts with higher requirements in order to temperature stability
  • manufacture of stiff parts for applications in automotive manufacture (e.g. wind tunnel test)
  • tool inserts for injecting and moulding small production runs
  • illustrative models (metallic appearance)
  • for education and jig manufacture et all


The complete data sheet can be found here.

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