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sls - polyamide 2200

Nylon 12 Nylon 12 - our standard material for laser sintering

POLYAMIDE 12 - low-cost, temperature resistant,
form-exactly, white  -
very high impact strength,
environmentally sustainable


This white PA 2200 based on polyamide 12 offers a wide variety of applications due to its well-balanced property profile.



  • multi purpose material
  • balanced features
  • high stability and stiffness
  • good chemical stability
  • good long-term stability
  • good selectivity resolution and accuracy
  • diverse post-processing possibilities (e.g.  metallisation, lacquering, vibratory grinding, tub coloring, bonding, powder coating, flock coating) 
  • bio-compatibility in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C 
  • certified for contact with food according to the EU plastics directive 2002/72/EC (excl.: high alcohol-content stimulants)


Various application fields

  • functional parts
  • medical application, e.g.  prosthetics
  • fully functional components of highest quality
  • substitute material for usual injection moulding materials
  • movable component part connections


The complete data sheet can be found here.

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