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sls - polyamide 1101

Nylon 11 Nylon 11

POLYAMIDE 11 - very high elongation at break,
environmentally sustainable, perfect for film hinges



PA 1101 is a whitish polyamide-11 powder, which is optimised for the use as a laser sintering material.



  • high impact resistance & elongantion at break
  • well-balanced properties
  • is made out of renewable raw materials
  • higher temperature resistance than PA 12
  • no splintering at highest mechanical stresses may be expected


Various application fields

  • mechanically loaded functional prototypes and series parts with long-term moving elements (e.g. hinges)
  • in the automotive industry, it is mainly used for interior components for crash relevant parts (PA 11 components do not splinter)


The complete data sheet can be found here.


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