• Multi Jet Fusion 4210

    Multi Jet Fusion 4210

  • Eos Formiga P100

    Formiga P 100

  • big grinding machine

    Grinding / finishing

  • Prodways Promaker P1000

    ProMaker P1000

  • DyeMansion DM60

    DM 60

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PolyJet - 3D-Printing in Objet-TechnologiePolyJet - 3D printing with Objet technology

POLYJET-TECHNOLOGY stands for a new additive manufacturing method by which very accurate models with smooth surfaces, small wall thicknesses and complex geometrics may be created. Superfine droplets of resin get sprayed in ultrathin layers on the building platform. Immediately after the printing process every layer gets cured with UV light.


Scope for PolyJet

highly filigree and precise patterns and design parts

cost-effective with
very filigree components
objects that combine several materials
special object characteristics that need individual material mixtures



Fullcure 720 (opaque)
minimum thickness: 0,016 mm



Eden 250

3D Drucker der Fa. Stratasys

3D-Printer - Stratasys company - distributed by RTC Germany

space 240mm x 240mm x 200mm

This machine is based on the innovative PolyJet Technology by Objet and offers a complete solution for the precise manufacturing of any geometry – easy, fast and clean.

The manufactured parts are smooth, durable, with excellent fine details and come with an outstanding surface quality.

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