• Multi Jet Fusion 4210

    Multi Jet Fusion 4210

  • Eos Formiga P100

    Formiga P 100

  • big grinding machine

    Grinding / finishing

  • Prodways Promaker P1000

    ProMaker P1000

  • DyeMansion DM60

    DM 60

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technological successors: special coating

special coatingDyeing - special coating

Even anthracite-colored parts must blaze in the most dazzling of colors? Then we recommend this automatic process capable of realizing a wide color palette – including metallic ones.

Application area

sintered sample, functional and design parts made from polyamid – available in grey as well
for individual coloring
for superior feel
for colorful accents
as impregnation (waterproof & dirt-repellent)
for protection against abrasion
as UV-protection against discoloration from the effects of light

Color palette

Fast alles ist möglich...

This coating is perfect for small batches and parts with a diameter of less than 8 cm. Additionally, it’s significantly cheaper than conventional paintwork.

And what does that mean for you?

Colored objects visualize upcoming application areas faster and closer to.
Small batches are directly applicable.

However, production time is extended by 8-10 working days.

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