• Antrieb für den Boliden gotthard
  • ABS-EL
  • polycarbonate for fff
  • flexible parts with X400
  • even flexible parts may now be created without problems
  • the new thermoplastic elastomer TPU CREA90A asserts itself as extreme flexible
  • parts for the real-life in a race car – sintered, vibration grinded and infiltrated
  • aluminium fillings create significant haptics
  • against electrostatic charge: filament ABS-EL
  • metalcoating refines functional parts
  • polycarbonate for strong parts - X400
  • filigree structures thanks to the stereolithography technique
  • pearly surfaces for special parts
  • carbonfilled polyamide for especially resilient parts
  • movable and colourful constructions for design objects
  • flexible parts made with the X400

TPE Arnitel® tpe (thermoplastic elastomer) - flexible and reliable

Arnitel® tpe - low cost, heat resistant,
detailed, off-white  -
very high impact strength,
environmentally sustainable


This white tpe based on a aromatic polyester and a amorphic polyether offers with its well-balanced properties wide-ranging application possibilities.



  • general purpose-material
  • Shore 90A
  • ideal for objects with rubber-like surfaces
  • good mechanical stability
  • oil resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • temperature stability
  • contents > 50% renewable materials


Various application fields

  • functional parts
  • tool-handles
  • headphones
  • safety glasses
  • cases for mobiles
  • auto parts


The complete data sheet can be found here.

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